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This is a notice of a deposit campaign that is more advantageous than Bicorn.

We are running a bonus chip campaign that all new and existing members can get!
Please see below for details.
We are looking forward to your participation!

Campaign overview

All eligible! During the campaign period, bonus chips will be presented based on the amount of payment (*).

The contents are very simple, so get a great bonus!

① New deposit bonus
“Members who make new depositswill receive a bonus equivalent to 100% of the deposit amount
in each currency!” * Maximum payment amount is up to 50,000 yen

② Deposit bonus
“Members who have made a depositwill receive a bonus equivalent to 30% of the deposit amount
in each currency!”

*The standard of the total amount of deposit is in accordance with this agreement. Please check these Terms before participating.


From February 17, 2023 (Friday) 00:00 to March 8, 2023 (Wednesday) 23:59 Japan time


  • This promotion is open to all members.
  • Please note that even if you make a deposit that exceeds the maximum payment amount at the time of deposit, it will not be granted.
  • This campaign may be extended, changed or terminated without notice. We are not responsible for any damages caused in that case.
  • It is not the deposit time, but the deposit time is considered as the deposit time.
  • The total amount of deposits is regarded as the total amount of deposits, not the amount of deposits.
  • Bonus chips for each currency are scheduled to be given by March 20th, but it may take some time to be given. Please note.
  • Please note that we cannot answer inquiries regarding the status of this campaign.
  • The handling of virtual currency after receiving the bonus chip is in accordance with the terms of use of Bicone.
  • If any of the following circumstances are found, the right to receive the goods may be invalidated. In addition, we may take measures such as confiscation after delivery of the bonus.
  • This campaign will end when the total amount of new deposit bonus and deposit bonus payments reaches 10 million yen even during the period.
  • a) When it is found that one person has created multiple accounts
  • b) If emails to registered contacts cannot be sent or received
  • c) If it turns out that you are using false information
  • d) In addition, if Bicorn determines that it does not meet the terms of use and other requirements, or determines that it is an illegal act


Thank you for your continued support of Bicorn.