🏹🎯 Time is full..! 🎯🏹 PEKA LAMP STRENGTHENING WEEK event announcement!

Thank you for your continued patronage of Bicorn.
This is Ronnie, the manager of Bicorn.

Continuing from the Zorome Day Festival…
Bicorn will hold a Peka Lamp-based enhancement week from February 12th to February 16th today!

If it shines simply, it will be a bonus PEKA LAMP system enhanced WEEK!
How many peka can you do! ?
For those of you who still can’t play enough! For those of you who are like that, we will be holding an event for “5 days in a row”! One of the
two Peka Lamp models ( CIRCUS GIRLS , PEGASUS ) will be open at high settings for 5 days !
It’s super hot!

Golden time for everyone!

What is the content of the Peka Lamp-based enhancement WEEK event! ? Check it out below!

February 12 20:00-23:00 
February 13 20:00-23:00 February
14 20:00-23:00
February 15 20:00-23:00
February 16 20:00 00-23:00

_ The store will be closed.
・February 12th 19:45-20:00, 23:00-23:15
・February 13th 19:45-20:00, 23:00-23:15
・February 14th 19:45-20 :00, 23:00-23:15
・February 15th 19:45-20:00, 23:00-23:15
・February 16th 19:45-20:00, 23:00-23:15

Enjoy the ultimate excitement for 5 days of raging waves!


Thank you for your continued support of Bicorn.