[Bicorn] Notice of “Bicorn Festival” at 15:00 today!

Thank you for your continued patronage of Bicorn.
I’m Ronnie, the manager.

Thank you for your patience!
Bicorn’s strongest heat event from 15:00 today! We will hold a bicorn festival.

Finally, today, today, has arrived! The long-awaited day, the Bicorn Festival!
It’s already familiar, and Bicorn is the Bicorn Festival!
I will run from beginning to end like every time!
When should I put it out here !? There is only a bicorn festival!

Whether you have time or not, please make time to join us from 15:00.
High setting confirmed! It’s an event.
Take this opportunity to become a GOD hand too!
It’s my own pull, and there is no limit! That’s the slot!

Even if you can not participate from 15:00, we will announce the high setting model at the following time, so please join us!

The announcement of the intense heat model
First shot 15:00
Second shot 17:00
Third shot 19:00
It will be 21:00 at the end.

We will change 4 of the 8 models every 2 hours, so please enjoy the big hit with various models!

The announcement will be at 15:00, so don’t miss twitter and this site telop!

The store will be closed for maintenance during the following times.
・ 14: 45 ~ 15: 00
・ 16: 45~ 17: 00
・ 18: 45~ 19: 00
・ 20: 45~ 21: 00
・ 23: 00~ 23: 15

Experience the ultimate Bicorn Battle Royale!


Thank you for your continued support of Bicorn.