Featured now… 👀! ✨ Popular model main event ✨ Experience the power of the ball hurricane 🌪⚡

Thank you for your continued patronage of Bicorn.
This is Mateo, the manager of Bicorn.

Continuing from the Zorome Day festival…!
Today, March 12th to March 16th, Bicorn will be holding an Explosive Boost Week event!

An event featuring Ryu, who is currently attracting attention, and the popular model LUCKY BINGO !
Speaking of Bicorn’s explosive machine, these two models!
A charming moment that tickles the gambler’s heart…!
The event will be held for 5 consecutive days! One
of the two explosive devices (LUCKY BINGO, Ryu-san) will be open at high settings for 5 days! It’s super hot!

Golden time for everyone!

What is the content of the explosive machine enhancement week event! ? Check it out below!

March 12 20:00-23:00 
March 13 20:00-23:00
March 14 20:00-23:00
March 15 20:00-23:00
March 16 20:00 00-23:00

_ The store will be closed.
・March 12 19:45-20:00, 23:00-23:15
・March 13 19:45-20:00, 23:00-23:15
・March 14 19:45-20 :00, 23:00-23:15
・March 15th 19:45-20:00, 23:00-23:15
・March 16th 19:45-20:00, 23:00-23:15

Enjoy the ultimate excitement for 5 days of raging waves!


Thank you for your continued support of Bicorn.