[Bicorn] Trick or Treat! If you don’t let it flash, you’ll play a trick! Okinawa festival will be held from 20:00 !

Thank you for your continued patronage of Bicorn.
This is Ronnie, the manager of Bicorn.

Thank you for waiting, everyone! The Okinawa Festival will be held
from 20:00 today .

Holiday event has started!
From 20:00, Bicorn will guide you to a flower haunted house!
Why not light up a lot of flowers with pumpkin lanterns! One of the
3 types of offshore slots ( TROPICAL QUEEN , MENTHORE , IMITHORE ) will be
opened at ultra-high settings !

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_ The store will be closed.
================================== ========

Please experience the high setting model of bicorn whole body!


Thank you for your continued support of Bicorn.