[Bicorn] There are many familiar events this month! Information on the October event calendar!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your continued patronage of Bicorn.
Ronnie is the manager.

It’s a comfortable autumn, an autumn of appetite, an autumn of Bicorn!
It’s a hot hot passion business that doesn’t change every day! Announcement of the October event schedule
that everyone has been waiting for !

This month is a nostalgic secret event from the beginning of the month!
And the second Sunday morning in mid-October! Okinawa Festival
to end the month ! All of them are held on Sundays, so you can play comfortably while relaxing! Of course, we will also have a standard iron plate event! Full throttle from beginning to end this month! ! ! Let’s check the event date♪


Thank you for your continued support of Bicorn.