Deposit / withdrawal method

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Virtual currency that can be used

You can use 4 types of virtual currencies.
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Tether (USDT)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

For those who do not have virtual currency

Cryptocurrencies are used in online casinos and poker around the world.
Anyone with a Japanese credit card or bank account can create one.
Please check the details from the following site.

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GMO Coin:
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Press [Deposit] in [Account] at the top of the screen.

Copy the destination [address] for each [currency] to deposit.
Please check the [Minimum deposit limit] for each virtual currency before processing the deposit.

Use the virtual currency wallet you are using to paste the copied [address] and complete the deposit procedure.

Please use the pop-up window that opens when you press [QR code] in [Action].


Please press [Withdrawal] from [Account].

Confirm the [currency] to withdraw.
Please check the [Minimum withdrawal limit] for each virtual currency before processing the withdrawal.

Press [Withdrawal] in [Action] to open a pop-up window. Enter each withdrawal information in [Enter withdrawal information] and press [Apply].

This completes the withdrawal application.
Please wait for the deposit to your wallet.

send money

Press [Remittance] in [Account] at the top of the screen.

Select [Currency] to send money.
After checking the [Minimum withdrawal limit] for each virtual currency, enter each remittance information in [Remittance information input] and press [Remittance].

How to Receive or Refuse Remittance

Press [Remittance] from [Account].
Press the [Receipt Confirmation] tab to display the [Receipt List].
Check the [Receipt list] and select [Receive] or [Reject].

Withdrawal conditions

From the viewpoint of preventing illegal transfer of funds such as money laundering, withdrawals cannot be made immediately after payment. Regardless of whether you win or lose, we ask that you place a total bet equal to or greater than the deposit amount. If you meet that requirement, you can withdraw freely.
The deposit amount is the total amount of the deposit and the additional amount due to the remittance. The deposit amount and bet amount are totaled for each currency type. You can check the details on My Page.